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This Level Criterion is for teachers who may have difficulty evaluating what level the student has. You may refer to the following.





  Pre Beginner

Low Beginner

Low Intermediate

Low Advanced

Middle Beginner

Middle Intermediate

Middle Advanced

Higher Beginner

Higher Intermediate

Higher Advanced

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The Fence

The Fence

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As I think back when I was still a student, not only did I remember my good seatmates and friends but those teacher who have inspired me a lot. The way I think about life, people, community, and even politics. Some may have known this but more of them may have not, that they’ve played a crucial part in my life. I pay tribute to every teachers all over the world.

These inspiring teachers makes me think about the qualities they posses which made them so effective in teaching. I believe that the following truths will be helpful not only for the students but for the parents who, just like me,wanted nothing but an education that will help drive our children to stand on their feet.  View full article »

teachers quote_John F. Kennedy -

A child miseducated is a child lost.

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“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gavearistotle quote english teacher - growyourenglish.wordpress.comthem life, those the art of living well.”   – Aristotle

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As a former call center agent I always remember the things I  learned taking in calls. Once of which, is to take clients’teacher verna_online english teacher - situation in our own shoes.  It’s a bit hard especially on my 1st ever call, plus it’s a phone to phone discussion thus wholly dependent upon our voices. Hence we have to listen carefully in order to understand them. Their tone and pacing is a huge factor to comprehend their real situation.

These things are still in my veins and I continue to enhance it as I Teach Korean students online.  And nowadays technology has been a great help in easing up the lives of many especially for an online English teacher like me where I can teach either on a normal call or on a video call through Skype. View full article »

You may be wondering “What it is for me when you are enrolled in Grow Your English?” or “How can I find my idealkorean student - English teacher for Koreans like me?” Question arises especially if this is the 1st time you encountered GYE and perhaps wonder if you can find a friend and your English teacher in here?”

Well, it depends on what you mean by the word Ideal. If you mean enthusiastic, lively, and proficient then our answer is a BIG YES! If you mean presentable, professional, and charming then that’s another BIG YES!

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